Welcome to Rockstar Tampa!
Rockstar Tampa has a winning foundation with dozens of National Championship titles and 1st place finishes in some of the top competitions in the U.S.  Rockstar Tampa has achieved great success with all of our teams including over 155 national titles.
For team evaluations, detailed training schedules, and registration information please stop by our facility Monday – Thursday 3:30-8:30pm. For a private tryout appointment or more information contact us at 813-835-1600 or email [email protected].
We believe all our athletes have exceptional talents and it is our responsibility to cultivate that talent with our compassion, dedication and knowledge. As coaches we take true pride in the growth of our athletes’ both inside and outside the gym. Although the coaching staff and training involved is clearly a factor in the success of each team, the passion, love and desire to excel is critical for each cheerleader to achieve their goals. We pride ourselves in offering the environment to ensure this happens. Our goal is to provide the best training environment for our athletes while teaching them ideals such as teamwork, integrity, work ethic, commitment and sportsmanship.
Are you ready to be a Rockstar?!!