Top 10 Reasons to become a ROCKSTAR!
10) With 14 teams across all age groups and all levels, your athlete competes on an age appropriate and level specific team. At Rockstar your athlete can progress through each and every level 1-5 without having to change gyms.
9) We have a large air-conditioned facility equipped with new and state of the art equipment. Come see one of the nicest gyms in the country at Rockstar Cheer Greenville.
8) We provide a structured environment of competitive cheerleading while accomplishing our goals. Our goals are to teach dedication, commitment, self-confidence, teamwork, discipline, responsibility, and leadership in a family-friendly, safe and fun environment.
7) At Rockstar, every team at every level is considered equal. We take great pride in offering the same coaches for all levels that also coach our World Championship teams.
6) In just 9 seasons Rockstar has won over 350 National Championships. Rockstar competes at the largest most prestigious events and is consistently successful at all age groups and all levels.
5) Rockstar is the only gym in South Carolina to win a globe and place Top 3 at the World Championships. With 6 Globes, three Silver and three Bronze medals, Rockstar is one of top programs in the country in Level 5.
4) For our Non-Worlds teams, reaching the end of the year Summit Championships is one of the hardest achievements in our sport. In 4 years of the Summit’s existence, Rockstar has sent 34 out of 35 eligible teams to The Summit. In the 4 years of the Summit, Rockstar won 15 Medals: 3 Gold, 6 Silver and 6 Bronze.  Only 1% of the cheer industry’s teams make the Summit each season.

3) At Rockstar each team is coached by world class coaches who dedicate their lives to our sport. The success of each and every team in our program is due largely to the amazing staff. When you work at Rockstar Cheer it’s your career and your passion. Your athlete will experience world class staff like no where else!
2) We take great pride in our staff training. Safety is our number one goal when at Rockstar Cheer. We will place each athlete at a level where they can compete in a safe environment.
1) At Rockstar it’s more than Cheerleading, we are one big family. We teach life lessons and core values that last a lifetime. We strive to be the best teams we can be on and off the mat. Don’t settle for less, elevate your experience and become a ROCKSTAR!