Specialty Classes

  • Front Row Jumps! – $10 per class (45 min.)- Want to be in the front row for jumps? Jumps make the difference on team placements at all levels and teams!
  • Flight School! – $10 per class (45 min.)- This class focuses on Flyer body positions, flexibility and “in air” movements. Learn how to fly like a Rockstar!
  • Stretching & Strength- $10 per class (45 min.)- This class focusing on stretching and strengthening the body. When it comes to tumbling, jumping, flying or dancing you must be strong and flexible. The more flexible and strong your body is, the faster your tumbling, jumps and flying can improve!
  • Body Like a Rockstar-$10 per class (45 min.)– Get your fitness on with this fun and energetic program. Perform group exercises and individualized circuits to get you in Rockstar shape!

For these four classes you do not have to enroll monthly.  Show up whenever it fits your schedule with our walk-in class policy. When you come simply bring $10.00 cash to Rockstar RI and pay at the front desk! These classes provide valuable training and enhancement for our athletes at a DISCOUNTED RATE! These classes are open to anyone who wishes to attend. If you’re a new member to Rockstar you must complete a waiver form.

*Dates and times to be announced*


Future Rockers

Future Rockers is a pre-all-star structured program for those interested in cheerleading.  This training program will put your athlete on the path to becoming a competitive all-star/school cheerleader.  This is a non-competitivetraining program that will jump start your athlete into cheerleading without the time and financial commitment of an all-star team. All features of cheerleading will be covered in their training: motions, jumps, stunting, tumbling, dance, and conditioning.

Purple Experience (2 hours/week)

– Training is 2 hours long, once a week.  Tuition is $80/month.

Orange Experience (4 hours/week)

– Training is 2 hours long, twice a week.  Tuition is $120/month.


*Dates and times to be announced*