Rockstar Cheer is the most successful athletic program of its type in South Carolina, serving as the top competitive cheer program in the area. Entering our 14th season, Rockstar has over 430 National Titles and is still the only program in the state with any World Championship Medals. We proudly display NINE globes in our gym: 1 Gold, 4 Silvers and 4 Bronze. Rockstar has sent teams to The Cheerleading Worlds, with Full Paid bids, every year. For our Non-Worlds teams, reaching the end of the year championship, The Summit Championships, is one of the hardest achievements in our sport. In 7 years of the Summit’s existence, Rockstar Greenville has sent 55 teams to The Summit. Additionally, in the 7 years of the Summit, Rockstar has won 21 Medals: 4 Gold, 9 Silver and 8 Bronze. Only 10% of the cheer industry’s teams make The Summit each season. Considered one of the top programs in the entire country, Rockstar Cheer has a team for every age group and level. With a diverse and inclusive program, everyone makes a team at Rockstar Cheer.

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