Rockstar Cheer is the most successful athletic program of its type in South Carolina  serving the top competitive cheer in the area.  Entering our 11th season Rockstar has over 380 National Titles and is still the only program in the state with any World Championship Medals (Four Silver & Three Bronze).  Rockstar has sent teams to Worlds with a Full Paid bid every year. For our Non-Worlds teams, reaching the end of the year Summit Championships is one of the hardest achievements in our sport.  In the 5 years of the Summit, Rockstar won 16 Medals: 3 Gold, 7 Silver and 6 Bronze.  Only 1% of the cheer industry’s teams make the Summit each season.  Considered one of the top programs in the entire country, Rockstar has a team for every age group and level. This season we have 11 all-star cheer teams.

The success could not be achieved without an amazing staff.  Our reputation and talent level of our athletes make this one of the most sought-after places to work in cheer.  While pushing our athletes to be the very best, we take pride in offering the safest environment possible.  Our energetic, mature and experienced USASF certified coaches are passionate and professional about their jobs.  From the moment you join you will experience the Rockstar treatment!

The most direct way that we help the athletes in our program is by improving their skills and helping them reach their athletic potential; but we also believe our program serves a higher purpose. Throughout their lives, everyone will be put in situations where they must work together with others to achieve common goals.  Life lessons such as work ethic, responsibility, accountability and teamwork help build character. No other sport builds self-esteem for youth better than all-star cheerleading. The hours, weeks, months, even years of work that go into improving stunts, tumbling, jumps, and motions will improve your fitness and skills. More importantly, athletes learn about sportsmanship, working together towards goals, and striving to win. Besides the success of our program on the mat, we are most proud of the life lessons that we have been able to give to the athletes at Rockstar Cheer!

Your child will become more self-confident, motivated and learn to love being a part of program that challenges and leads them to excel.

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