This is an introductory class to tumbling/cheerleading for athletes 3-6 yrs of age.  Students will learn the basics of tumbling & cheerleading such as:
  • Forward/Backward rolls
  • Hand-stands
  • Cartwheels
  • Round-offs
  • Jumps
  • Motions
  • Conditioning


This is an introductory class to tumbling/cheerleading for athletes 5 yrs & older, No Experience Required.  Students will learn the basics of tumbling & cheerleading such as:

Skills Trained in Beginner Classes:

  • Forward and Backward Rolls
  • Handstand
  • Cartwheel
  • Front and Back Walkovers
  • Roundoff
  • Front Handspring
  • Single Standing Back Handspring
  • Roundoff Single Back Handspring
  • 2 Standing Handsprings
  • Roundoff 2 Handsprings
  • Jumps
  • Motions
  • Conditioning


This is a tumbling class for athletes 6 yrs & older.

Required skills to Train Intermediate/Advanced:

  • 2 Standing Handsprings on Floor
  • Roundoff Two Handsprings Rebound with Feet Together on Floor
Skills Trained in Intermediate Classes:
  • Roundoff Handspring Tuck
  • Standing Two Handsprings to Tuck
  • Roundoff Tuck
  • Standing Handspring Tuck
  • Cartwheel Tuck
  • Standing Tuck
  • Double and Triple Jumps
  • Roundoff Handspring Layout
  • Roundoff Handspring Layout-Step-Out
  • Roundoff Handspring Tuck to Handspring Tuck
  • Front Tuck To Roundoff Handspring Tuck
  • Jumps
  • Motions
  • Conditioning

This is a tumbling class for athletes 6 yrs & older.

Required Skills to Train Advanced/Elite:
  • Roundoff Handspring Layout with Feet Together on Floor
  • Standing Tuck with feet together on Floor
Skills Trained in Advanced Classes:
  • Layout Through to Layout
  • Jump to Tuck
  • Roundoff handspring Half
  • Roundoff Handspring Full
  • Cartwheel Full
  • Standing Two Handsprings to Layout
  • Standing Two Handsprings to Full
  • Standing Handspring Full
  • Standing Full
  • Full Through to Full
  • Roundoff Handspring Double Full
  • Specialty Passes
  • Jumps
  • Motions
  • Conditioning



A “Home” for Loyal, Respectful and Driven Athletes

Your child will become more self-confident, motivated and learn to love being a part of program that challenges and leads them to excel.

We’re excited to meet you and welcome you into the Rockstar Cheer and Dance Family. Please email yourockbrock@gmail.com for a detailed listing of dates and times of our classes. If you’d rather just pick up the phone, please call (864) 848-1983 and let us know if you’re on our website. We’ll schedule you for a FREE Grand Tour of our facility to help you determine which program is right for you or your child.

I’m confident that once you see our facility and meet our staff and athletes, you’ll know that you’ve found what you’ve been looking for!


Coach Scott Foster