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1st event of the season for Rockstar Greenville and one month earlier than ever before in history. We are proud of everyone for pushing so hard to get on the floor and just compete! Our coaches, athletes and parents have felt the stress of competing just weeks after our HS State championships. We finally had … Continued

High School and Allstar tryouts will be here before you know it. Make the team you want by increasing your tumbling difficulty and execution. Email [email protected] to enroll in a Rockstar tumbling class at Rockstar Greenville!

Rockstar Greenville has openings now for our Mini 1, Mini 2, Youth 2, Senior 1, Senior 2, Senior 3 and Senior Coed 4. If interested in filling these limited spots please email [email protected]

Rockstar Dominates Spirit Xpress Winter Warm-up in Raleigh, NC. Congratulations to Vanilla Ice from Rockstar Raleigh. They brought home the event’s only at-large D2 Summit bid! We’re so proud of the outstanding performances from all teams and are excited for what the rest of the year will bring! An amazing start to the season for … Continued

Rockstar Greenville now has openings on some of our teams. Monkees; Mini 2- 1 Base Ting Tings; Youth 1- 1 Base, Flyer or Back Spot Heartbreakers; Junior 3- 1 Base Eagles; Senior 2- 1 Base Rolling Stones; International Coed 5- 2 Females These spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Email … Continued