Rockstar Greenville starts the season off with a bang!

1st event of the season for Rockstar Greenville and one month earlier than ever before in history. We are proud of everyone for pushing so hard to get on the floor and just compete! Our coaches, athletes and parents have felt the stress of competing just weeks after our HS State championships. We finally had full practices with everyone there for a few weeks. This weekend had some of the best programs in the country present and it was an honor once again to compete against some of the best!
Allstar Challenge Nationals Results
*Eagles- 2nd place but high raw score, Best baskets for Level 2
*Beatles- National Champions, Best running tumbling for level 5
*Smashing Pumpkins- 3rd place
*Queen- 2nd place and a Worlds Bid
*Chili Peppers- 3rd place
*Guns & Roses- National Champions, Best Standing tumbling for level 4, Level 4 Grand Champs and a Summit Bid

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