Rockstar dominates Myrtle Beach!

This weekend’s event had over 700 teams and was packed with some amazing teams. We’re so proud of our amazing showing from all teams. Only 4 Paid Bids were awarded and we won 2 of them! Congrats to Spirit Sports and their staff for putting on a logistical challenge with so many teams!

Rockstar Cheer Spirit Sports Final Results
*Ting Tings- National Champions & a Paid Bid to The Summit
*Foo Fighters- National Champions
*Wiggles- National Champions
Scorpions- 3rd
*Goo Goo Dolls- National Champions
*Chili Peppers- National Champions & A Paid Bid to The Summit
*Run DMC- 6th
*Bangles- 3rd
*Heartbreakers- National Champions and an At-Large Bid to The Summit
*Eagles- 2nd

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