Rockstar Cheer rocked Cheersport Nationals!

Rockstar Cheer posted the most impressive results ever as a program at Cheersport Nationals, the largest cheer & dance event in the world, with 993 teams competing! Rockstar fielded 11 teams and every team finished in the Top 4!!  No other program in South Carolina has ever posted more impressive results as a program at the world’s largest national championship! We are so proud of our athletes, coaches and parents for a job well done!


Goo Goo Dolls- 2nd place in Small Mini 1

Ting Tings- National Champions in Small Youth 1- Bid to the Summit

Black Crowes- National Champions in Large Senior 1- Bid to the Summit

Bangles- 3rd place in Large Youth 2- Bid to the Summit

Scorpions- 2nd place in Large Junior 3- Bid to the Summit

Eagles- National Champions in Small Senior 2- Bid to the Summit

Smashing Pumpkins- 2nd place in Small Senior 3- Bid to the Summit

Guns & Roses- 4th place in Small Senior 4

Chili Peppers- National Champions in Small Coed Restricted 5

Beatles- 4th place in Small Coed 5

Rolling Stones- 2nd place in International Coed 5- Bid to the Cheerleading Worlds

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