ROCKSTAR CHEER dominates UCF Nationals with a Clean Sweep!

Rockstar Cheer competed in 10 divisions at UCF Nationals this weekend in Columbia, SC. It was an unprecedented weekend as every team came home with a 1st place National Championship! It’s the 1st time in the program’s history where every team won 1st place at a 2-day Championship.  Rockstar was also awarded 3 Level Grand Championships and the All-Star Program Championship. The program competes next weekend in Charlotte at the Spirit of Hope National Championship with over 250 teams competing for the prizes. Good luck Rockstar Cheer!

Goo Goo Dolls- National Champions in Mini 1

Ting Tings- National Champions in Youth 1/Grand Champions for Level 1

Black Crowes- National Champions in Senior 1

Bangles- National Champions in Large Youth 2

Eagles- National Champions in Small Senior 2

Scorpions- National Champions in Large Junior 3

Smashing Pumpkins- National Champions in Senior 3

Guns & Roses- National Champions in Senior 4/Grand Champions for Level 4

Chili Peppers- National Champions in Senior Coed Restricted 5

Beatles- National Champions in Small Coed 5/Grand Champions for Level 5

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