Level 5 Worlds Teams Tryouts

Attention all Level 5 athletes trying out for Rockstar. We have tryouts Thursday, May 8th from 6:30-9pm. Our 1st practice will be Sunday, May 11th. If you can’t make tryouts please email me to arrange a different time for you to be evaluated. This year we are also accepting videos if you’re from out of state and can’t attend tryouts.

We plan on having 2 Worlds teams again this year:
The Beatles- Small Coed
Rolling Stones- International Coed 5.
We are also having a Senior Restricted 5 team (Chili Peppers). If we have enough numbers we will also have Junior 5 again.
In the past we have not chosen our Worlds teams until the end of July. This year we are taking a different approach. We will choose both Worlds teams by June 1st. There is a ton of talent trying out this year and we know our level 5 teams are going to be AMAZING! This season was great but next year we aren’t playing around. Rolling Stones are starting at the same time as Beatles. Stones are competing way more this year including a trip to Dallas. Both teams are about to wreck shop. It’s time to go BEAST MODE!
If you’re interested but have questions email me [email protected].

All video submissions must be emailed to me by May 12th for Beatles and Rolling Stones.

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