Rockstar Cheer Greenville has 14 teams to choose from this year! We are accepting private tryouts until all teams are full! To set up your private evaluation to make a team please email [email protected].  Here are the teams we have for this season:

*The Wiggles- Tiny Prep Level 1 (Ages 5-6 yrs old)
*Goo Goo Dolls- Mini Level 1 (Ages 6-8 yrs old)
*Ting Tings- Small Youth Level 1 (Ages 7-11 yrs old)
*Black Crowes- Small Junior Level 1 (Ages 8-14 yrs old)
*Monkees- Mini Level 2 (Ages 6-8 yrs old)
*Bangles- Small Youth Level 2 (Ages 8-11 yrs old)
*Eagles- Small Senior Level 2 (Ages 11-18 yrs old)
*Kiss- Medium Junior Level 3 (Ages 9-14 yrs old) 1 base and 1 backstop needed
*Smashing Pumpkins- Small Senior Coed Level 3 (11-18 yrs old)
*Spice Girls- Small Junior Level 4 (Ages 9-14 yrs old)
*Guns & Roses- Open Coed Level 4 (14 yrs and older) TEAM IS FULL
*Chili Peppers- Small Senior Coed Restricted Level 5 (11-18 yrs old) 1 Backspot needed
*The Beatles- Open Small Coed Level 5 (14 & Older) TEAM IS FULL
*Rolling Stones- International Small Coed Level 5  (14 yrs & Older) TEAM IS FULL